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Your true introduction into the technical diving world. RAID DECO 50 is a solid introduction into technical diving. It can be done Sidemount and on a Twinset depending on your needs and preferences.

The thrill of pushing the envelope and becoming an explorer is what drives many to become divers, and the Deco 50 course forms the basis and essential skills and knowledge needed to safely do so.

All decompression and technical programmes are delivered by the Diving Matrix team for DiveLife.

Who is this for?

Are you 16 years or older, certified as RAID Advanced 35, Nitrox, Rescue and Deep.......then you can apply to start the RAID Deco50 Program, our solid introduction into Technical Diving.

You don't need to complete the RAID Deco 40 program prior, however having done so or having completed the Performance Diver program will certainly help you get the most out of this course.

What Will you learn?

We'll start with reviewing your current diving techniques and planning skills. Making sure you are as sharp on land as in the water.

We'll ensure you are flat in the water hovering beautifully while you deal with simulated problems.

We'll progressively take you to 50m and introduce the use of Helium in your optimum breathing mix. You'll learn how to safely and comfortably conduct accelerated decompression dives with a limit of 30min of decompression.

Pricing & Duration

This is a 4 to 6 day course, depending on your background and skill level, The first few days are spend fairly shallow ensuring your skills are solid as we overlay them with new skills. Whereas the last 3 days are spend at increasing depths conducting simulated and actual decompression dives with various degrees of exciting and challenging team problems.

The Shallow bit can be done anywhere, whereas the deeper bit will be done at NDAC (or abroad).

Course Price: £200 per day + Materials + Helium

How To Get Started?

Drop by at the Learning Centre in Whitefield for a consultation about how to get started, we can schedule you in while you are there and answer all your questions you may have. Alternatively contact the shop via Phone 0330 223 4140 or Email Wanna know more? Ask us to open the online part of the course for you, we'll happily do this without a charge! 

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