1st stages


The 1st stage is what connects your tank to your regulators. There are two main types: DIN and A-Clamp. DIN screws directly into the tank valve and keeps the O ring secure, allowing it to withstand higher pressures. A-Clamp fits over the tank valve and is much easier to remove when your hands are cold from diving!

If using your own Regulators at a dive center, it is important to remember that the tanks there may have different valves, so you may need to bring an adaptor.

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Mares R2XR First Stage
£125.99 Regular price £140.00
Apeks Regulator Apeks DS4 Regulator - 1st stage only
Apeks DS4 Regulator - 1st stage only
£150.00 Regular price £261.00
Mares 1St Stage 2S
£121.99 Regular price £136.00
Mares 28XR 1st Stage
£315.99 Regular price £351.00
Mares 1St Stage 15X
£196.99 Regular price £219.00
Halcyon H-50D First Stage only
£250.00 Regular price £270.00

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