Regulators are a vital piece of a scuba divers equipment, having your own set means you know how they have been looked after and that the mouthpieces are clean!

Regulators are split into different parts: the 1st Stage and the 2nd Stage.

Here at DiveLife, we offer a range of different brands of regulators for every type of diver. Whether you are looking to upgrade your regulators, buy your first set, or stocking up on spare parts, browse our collection below!

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RAZOR Break Away Connector
Regular price £12.00
DIRZONE Pressure Gauge Swivel
Regular price £2.78
MGE Din Valve Plug
Regular price £5.25
DIRZONE OP Valve 3/8"
Regular price £11.95
Regular price £5.25
Akona Pro Regulator Bag
£36.99 Regular price £40.00
Diving Matrix - Cylinder DIN Screw Cap
£5.25 Regular price £6.00
Diving Matrix - DIN Screw Cap
£5.25 Regular price £6.00
Mares Mouthpiece
£6.99 Regular price £8.00
XDEEP NX700 / LS200 Regulator Set
£417.00 Regular price £418.00
XDEEP LS200 2nd Stage
Regular price £159.00
Poseidon Cyklon 5000
£512.50 Regular price £540.00
ISC Nitrox Tank O-Ring Keychain
Regular price £14.00
ISC Scuba Tank O-Ring Keychain
Regular price £11.25
Apeks XL4 Regulator
£305.00 Regular price £360.00
Poseidon Xstream Deep MK3
£699.95 Regular price £705.00
Seac Sub - BCD & Reg Club Set
£407.99 Regular price £458.90
Mares Small Mouthpiece
£5.99 Regular price £7.00
XS Scuba Mouthpiece
Regular price £6.95


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