All SANTI products were created by divers and for divers, thinking about their needs. Each smallest detail in SANTI products has a functional reason and keeps the highest possible quality standards. They never forget about design, research and development.

SANTI brand is a warranty of highest quality and safety for those who want to go further in their diving experience, who seek best protection and functionality. Divers all over the word appreciate all SANTI features and experience which was involved in development of products which the best divers use today.


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Santi Crew - Softshell Man
£120.00 Regular price £125.00
Santi Gray Dry Gloves (pair)
£43.00 Regular price £45.00
Santi Sailor Hoodie
£85.00 Regular price £99.00
Santi Smart Seal Ring System
Regular price £83.00
Santi Heated Vest - Flex 2.0
£258.00 Regular price £265.00
Santi BZ400x Undersuit
£428.00 Regular price £430.00
Santi Thermovalve
£267.00 Regular price £270.00
Santi Primaloft Comfort Socks
Regular price £60.00
Santi Heated Gloves
£198.00 Regular price £200.00
SANTI Expedition Jacket - Silver Moon
£250.00 Regular price £300.00
Regular price £140.00
DiveLife Slap Strap - Buckles
£8.00 Regular price £10.00
Santi Denim Shorts
£125.00 Regular price £140.00
SANTI T-Shirt S Santi T-shirt ANGLER 2.0 MEN
Santi T-shirt ANGLER 2.0 MEN
Regular price £25.00
Santi Thermovalve 303
£267.00 Regular price £270.00
Santi E/O Cable 72cm
Regular price £120.00
SANTI T-Shirt Santi T-shirt FLOCK Black SANTI T-Shirt Santi T-shirt FLOCK Black
Santi T-shirt FLOCK Black
Regular price £25.00
Santi Slap Strap - Velcro
Regular price £13.00
SANTI Breve Hat Black
Regular price £25.00
Santi FLEX 2.0 Heated Undersuit
£552.00 Regular price £555.00
Santi Flex 190 Undersuit - Men
£368.00 Regular price £370.00
SANTI Urban Camo Hat
Regular price £25.00


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