Explorer 30 is RAID's answer to PADI Advanced Open Water. This course is a tad lighter than the RAID Advanced 35, and a really fun way to experience some different nuances of diving. Make no mistake, it's still a serious course as you'll progress to 30m deep! 

Have no equipment? No problem, we'll happily lend you anything you need/want during this course!

Who is this for?

If you're a PADI Open Water Diver, a BSAC Ocean Diver, SSI Open Water Diver, or already a RAID Open Water 20 diver this course is the next logical step in your learning. It will build on your existing Core Skills and push your knowledge and experience further!

Come to DiveLife and book a refresher, you might be ready to go straight to Advanced 35!

What Will you learn?

To certify as a RAID Explorer 30 Diver, you must complete five training dives. One of those must be a deep dive, which qualifies you to dive to 30 meters, another must be a navigation training dive, and another is a dive which concentrates on your buoyancy skills (if you are a RAID OW20 diver then this will feel more like a check dive!). The other two dives are Elective Dives that you can choose with a little discussion with you instructor and dive team.

Pricing & Duration

The RAID Explorer 30 course includes 1 confined session (unless you want to do more) and 5 open water training dives, as well as online course work, your certification and time in our classroom with one of our instructors. The course will take from 2 to 8 weeks to complete and price includes any equipment you may need/want to use during your course.

Group Classes
- Explorer £300

Private 1:1
- Explorer £500



The Advanced 35 Course is no Advanced Open Water course, it's a total stand alone course that will push your skills and understanding to the next level. Dive Planning, Buoyancy, diving deeper, basic rescue skills, more advanced propulsion...it's all part of becoming and Advanced 35 diver! 

Drop into the shop today and let us explain to you what becoming an Advanced 35 diver is all about.

Don't have equipment? No problem we'll happily let you use ours!

Who is this for?

This course is accessible to anyone with an PADI Open Water certificate, SSI Open Water, or RAID Open Water 20 (or equivalent) those that want to push their learning forwards. A bit to much? In that case have a look at the Explorer 30 course, this is a great experience program that increases your depth to 30m and more of an Advanced Open Water type course.

What Will you learn?

The Course consists of a series of pool sessions, and a minimum of 6 assessment dives, of which 2 have to be deep. The course will push your buoyancy skills, propulsion skills, dive planning and team diving skills, as well as gas sharing, compass navigation, basic rescue techniques, nitrox use, and SMB deployment.

Pricing & Duration

The course has a minimum of 3 pool session, some classroom work at DiveLife, as well as 6 open water dives. You can expect to complete this course in 2 to 8 weeks depending on your schedule. The course fee Includes your cert, all learning material, classroom, pool, open water sessions, and all equipment you want/need to use.

Group Classes
- Advanced £350

Private 1:1
- Advanced £600



ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? This course is demanding and realistic in its conduct, content and approach. Interaction, discussion, variety and flexibility are stressed during skills training. Don’t be surprised if you are rescuing a twinset diver, a sidemount diver, or even a rebreather diver! Course content adjusted to realistic environment.

The Master Rescue Diver program is an important and crucial step in expanding your knowledge and experience beyond a purely recreational level.

This unique course builds confidence and ability, providing the skills and knowledge to help you better understand how to respond safely and efficiently to surface and underwater emergencies to a maximum depth of 40 metres. If you haven’t been certified to 40m prior to starting your Master Rescue course, we can put a Deep Diver Bolt-On course in your package.

Who is this for?

To start this course you need a minimum of 12h underwater, a RAID Advanced 35 certificate or equivalent.

If you are coming from PADI Advanced Open water, BSAC SportsDiver, SSI Advanced, we might ask you to do a check dive prior to start of this program to ensure you are on the same page.

You must have a current rescue Breathing/CPR and oxygen provider certificate from a recognised authority, if you do not have one, we can provide this training as well.

What Will you learn?

We'll start with looking at your diving and your equipment, and discussing how we can make your diving safer, how we can avoid incidents and see them coming before they happen.
We will look at doing rescue lifts on single cylinder systems as well as sidemount, twinset, and possibly rebreathers. (tek upgrade 1 day extra)

This course will develop you into a truly useful member of the dive community, where you are able to deal with a problem in pretty much any situation, and where you can see a problem starting to form, as early as in the car park or on the boat.

Pricing & Duration

The RAID Master Rescue course is a serious bit of training and a lot of fun! We run several confined session either outdoors or in the pool, as well as 3 days in the open water. 

The program includes all your learning materials, tuition and certification fee's. Any equipment required can be rented out at a reduced rate.

The course is generally completed over several weekends of training. 

Group Classes
- Master Rescue £400

 Private 1:1
- Master Rescue £700





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