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Weights are an essential part of a scuba diving outfit, too little and we don't sink, too much and our BCD will be overfilled throughout the dive. The days of banging loads of big blocks of weight on a weight belt are over, divers now want to separate their weight system, making only parts of it dump-able, ensuring they are in balance. We see more trim pockets and smaller weights than ever before. We offer anything from 1/2 kg to 4kg blocks, V weights, tail weights, P weights, shot weight, and much much more. If you're not sure, contact us for advice or book a session on our pool to get some help with your weight configuration.

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Beaver Weight Harness
£65.00 Regular price £71.95
Diving Matrix - Tri Glide
Regular price £3.20
Diving Matrix SS Belt Buckle
£6.20 Regular price £8.50
xDeep - SS Buckle
Regular price £5.95
DIRZONE Triglide with D-Ring
Regular price £9.94
Akona Weight Bag
Regular price £39.95
DIRZONE Belt Buckle SS Logo
Regular price £10.95
Halcyon SS Belt Buckle
Regular price £25.00
Beaver Pro Rubber Weight Belt
Regular price £34.25
Beaver Weight Belt
Regular price £12.95
Seac SS Belt Buckle
Regular price £14.00
Highland Deluxe SS Belt Buckle
Regular price £17.95
DIRZONE Belt Buckle SS Whale
Regular price £8.83

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