Masks, Fins & Snorkels

Masks, Fins, & Snorkels, also known as the ABC of diving. We stock many types of Masks, Fins, and Snorkels.

Masks: The majority of masks can be sub-categorised as single vs dual lens. The main difference being a better field of view in the first, and a lower volume and the option of prescription lenses in the second. The second big segregation in masks is the skirt color, traditionally black, now also seen in transparent or even in color. Black and colored is a style choice, transparent is done to allow more light to fall onto the eye, this sometime has the effect of unintentionally triggering the peripheral vision, the transparent skirt will also slowly discolor.

Fins: There are many different styles of fin, they two main categories include open heel and full foot, the difference is the open heel has to be used with a boot, where the full foot will go directly onto the bare foot. It is worth noting that there is no fin that will do everything. Fins suitable for wet-suits tend to be close to neutral in the water, whereas fins suitable for dry-suits tend to be slightly negative in the water, this also very much depends on your own personal body anatomy. Blade length, composition and stiffness play another major role in optimum fin selection. If in doubt, contact us for advice or jump in our pool and try out what you think will work for you.

Snorkels: There are 3 main groups of snorkels; the straight through tube, the snorkel with a purge valve at the bottom, and the snorkel with a purge valve and a dry top. The simple old school straight through snorkel is only really used in octopush or other in water competitive sports, we also see it coming back in a soft roll up version allowing for easy storage, a popular one with instructors. The snorkel with the purge valve on the mouth piece is by far the most popular one at time of writing, with many different variants on the market it can be hard to choose which one suits you best, generally speaking the flexible tube should not be too stiff or too floppy, the purge valve won't clear the entire tube but it will remove any accidental ingress of water as you are breathing. The snorkels with the closed top effectively seal off when you submerge, hence they are uniquely suited for those that want to dip their head under relatively often.

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Tusa Ceos Mask
£60.99 Regular price £67.50
Mares Avanti Pure Fins
Regular price £58.00
Anti-Fog Spray 30ml
Regular price £4.95
Mares Juno Mask
Regular price £35.00
Seac Sub - Mask Italia - Black Skirt
£45.99 Regular price £52.00
Matrix Tec Backup Mask
£35.00 Regular price £39.95
Mares Snorkel Sailor
£12.99 Regular price £15.00
Tusa Hyperdry Elite II Snorkel
£27.99 Regular price £31.50
Tusa 7500 Series Bifocal Corrective Lens
£27.99 Regular price £31.00
Mares Tropical Mask & Snorkel Set
Regular price £35.00
Mares Snorkel Bay
£10.99 Regular price £12.50
Mares Excite Pro Fins
£109.99 Regular price £129.00
Mares Avanti Superchannel Open Heel Fins
£52.99 Regular price £62.00
McNett SEA DROPS 37ml
Regular price £6.95
Halcyon HView Mask with Box
Regular price £78.00
DiveLife Slap Strap - Buckles
£8.00 Regular price £10.00
Mares Snorkel Rover Pro
£6.99 Regular price £8.00
Mares X-Vision Ultra Liquid Skin Mask
£56.95 Regular price £67.00
OMS Slipstream Tec Fins
Regular price £116.00
Mares Samurai - X Mask
£29.99 Regular price £35.00
Mares Ergo Splash Snorkel
£18.99 Regular price £22.00


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