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If you really want to enjoy UK Diving or Technical Diving then you will need to invest in a Drysuit and if you make a careful and considered decision when buying a drysuit there is no reason why it shouldn't last you for your entire diving career. 

Scuba Diving Drysuit choice can seem overwhelming at first with all the different brands, types and sizes, but that is why we are here! Come in have a chat, see the suits and then we can steer you in the right direction.

We offer personalized fitting service and can get a range of drysuits in just for you to try - no obligation to buy - until you find the one that feels right and suits you and your diving! We only stock drysuits from brands we know and trust to provide not only top quality suits but excellent customer service as well.

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Enluva Felted Wool Under Gloves
Regular price £29.17
Fourth Element Changing Mat
Regular price £21.67
Enluva Felted Wool Under Sock Set
£45.83 Regular price £47.92
Paraffin Stick Zippers 30gr
Regular price £5.38
Look Clear Quick Gel
Regular price £5.83
Waterproof Protection Mat
Regular price £18.75
Halcyon Streamline Balanced P-Valve
Regular price £165.83
McNett SEAL SAVER 37ml
Regular price £6.63
Halcyon Halcyon Changing Mat
£35.00 Regular price £36.67
Halcyon Bellow Pocket
£69.17 Regular price £71.67
Mineral Talc 125gr
Regular price £7.88
McNett Cleaning Products McNett WET & DRY SUIT SHAMPOO 250ml
McNett PROTALC 100g
Regular price £5.79
Apeks Inflator Valve
Regular price £50.00
Mares Cruise Carpet Bag
£45.83 Regular price £48.33

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