xDeep - ZEOS Single Wing System - Deluxe Harness (COLOUR)

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The XDeep Zeos Deluxe Wing System in Colour is designed to be a more comfortable version of the Zeos (standard) with Nexus Quick Release Buckle pinch clips on each shoulder for ease of donning and doffing as well as comfort...
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Product Details

The XDeep Zeos Deluxe Wing System in Colour is designed to be a more comfortable version of the Zeos (standard) with Nexus Quick Release Buckle pinch clips on each shoulder for ease of donning and doffing as well as comfort pads.

It is ideal for those who want the balanced trim of a genuine backplate+wing combination but one easier to get in and out of, similar to the pinch-buckle setup of traditional jacket BCs.

The XDeep Zeos Deluxe Wing System is especially attractive for divers switching to "wings" from jacket BCs.

Through technical design, constant testing and evolution, the XDeep Zeos Wing is balanced to help achieve a flat and expert trim. The centre of gravity of the gas in the cylinder and the centre of buoyancy of the Zeos are perfectly matched.

As a result, your stability will be significantly better. You will enjoy improved gas consumption, enhanced buoyancy control, and easier finning. No more sea horse positions forced by traditional BCDs.

The XDeep Zeos Wing System in Colour comes with either an aluminium or stainless steel backplate and in two lift capacities, 28lbs and 38lbs. It is also available as a ClassiC Zeos Wing System with a single-loop harness.

XDeep Zeos Deluxe Wing System in Colour includes

  • Zeos wing
  • Backplate with a Deluxe Harness
  • Backplate and Shoulder Pads
  • Single Tank Adapter with Cam Bands

Super tough Zeos Wing

At the start and end of each dive, the XDeep Zeos Deluxe Wing System holds you high out of the water. The design ensures most of the wing stays underwater, using more buoyancy. This provides extra lift keeping your head and shoulders clear of the waves. Wait in comfort for your pick-up.

Underwater you can eliminate trade-offs and experience perfect trim made simple and easy by the exact geometry of the XDeep Zeos.

XDeep Zeos wing is made of a super-resistant outer shell made from Cordura® 1100 dTEX, so your scuba gear will resist more and last longer. An inner bladder is made of Nylon 440dTEX.

XDeep Zeos wings for single-cylinder diving are available in two sizes: Zeos 38 or Zeos 28. Too much lift can result in oversize and unwieldy wings, especially if you are not the world’s largest diver. Pick the wing that suits your diving.

Backplate and Deluxe Harness

Choose between beautifully engineered steel or aluminium backplates. The Zeos steel backplate eliminates the need for lead at the waist. It enhances your balance and trim, especially in cold water conditions where extra weight is best distributed across your body. The ZEOS aluminium backplate works well in warm water diving where the additional weight is unnecessary or if you often travel.

The fully adjustable harness is equipped with tough ITW Nexus buckles made of polyacetal, impervious to salt water and extreme temperatures. Able to be quickly and easily configured to just about any body shape, there is no better way of getting the perfect fit.

Single Tank Adapter

The XDeep Zeos Deluxe Wing System in Colour comes complete with a single tank adapter with two cam bands securing all components together.

How long does it take to receive my XDeep system?

The standard BLACK version is normally available in 1-4 days.
Not all the COLOUR versions are always in stock, so it could take 6-8 weeks until they are produced and available to be sent to you.

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