Regulator Servicing


Here at DiveLife we just love Regulator Service!

At a 7 day turn around time we are one of the fastest in the area.

We really go the extra mile when it comes to ensuring your reg stays in tip top condition with our thorough approach.

What Do You Get?

• 7 Day turn around time
• Everything 3 stage cleaned
• Hoses rinsed
• All O-rings changed
• No Silicone Grease, Christolube ONLY
• 3 Months no argument Service Warrantee
• Free Pool Session to test out your Regs

Service Plans

We offer service payment plans, for a small monthly fee your reg is covered for 12 months, if you need something in the meant time we don't quibble and just sort it out.

Collection and Delivery Included, it's that easy!
Ask for Service Plan details in store.


• Recreational Regulator Set
• Recreational Regulator Set O2 Clean
• Twinset Regulator Set
• Twinset Regulator Set O2 Clean
• Sidemount Regulator Set
• Sidemount Regulator Set O2 Clean
• Stage Reg O2 Clean


Contact DiveLife Today and get Booked in

Contact the shop via Phone 0330 223 4140 or Email


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