Maniago is the cutlery capital town in Italy. Its name is well known all over the world. Hundreds of artisans and companies have been manufacturing knives, scissors and other cutting tools spacing from the highest technology to the ancient tradition for more than 400 years. A selection of the highest quality knives are now available in the UK.
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Maniago - TS05 Line Cutter
Regular price £13.54
Maniago - Shark 9 Knife
£23.75 Regular price £25.00
Maniago - TS1 Line Cutter
Regular price £15.79
Maniago - Torpedo 9
Regular price £35.83
Maniago - Aquatys Knife
£54.17 Regular price £57.50
Maniago - Pacific Junior Shears
£83.33 Regular price £87.50

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