Big Reels

Reels come in two main varieties, a ratchet reel mainly for deep SMB deployment and the standard reel for cave & wreck line laying, this version does not have a ratchet and locks with a thumb screw.


Spools, well are just spools, they come in plastic, ABS, Delrin, and Aluminum. It's best to avoid the injection moulded plastic as they break easily. It's also important you don't buy a spool with too much line on it or it will obscure the holes. If you are using thick gloves you might want a larger finger hole.

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Mares Reel 120m
£180.00 Regular price £191.00
Mares Reel 60m
£155.00 Regular price £174.00
DIRZONE Reel 200m
Regular price £175.00
DIRZONE Reel 45m
Regular price £89.95

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