Mares Regulator Dual ADJ 52x Review

by Dive Life

mares regulator dual adj 52x

Mares Regulator Dual Adj 52X
Mares Regulator Dual Adj 52X




Mares Regulator Dual Adj 52X


The Mares Dual ADJ 52x Regulator is all about performance, giving you the very best experience you can get. This regulator combines the Mares Dual 2nd stage with the fantastic 52x 1st stage to create a great all around package.  Between the NCC, the second stage bypass tube, and the diaphragm construction. this reg performs well in cold conditions.

This reg set is a great value performer, it has many of the features of Mares' top tier regs while remaining a great value proposition.  It features 4 LP port and and 2 HP ports.  The first stage utilises DFC (Dynamic Flow Control) technology, this feature maintains steady gas pressure during heavy load (such as sharing air with your buddy).  The adjustment knob on the second stage gives you control over how it breathes.  You can adjust based on your circumstances, or preference.

What We Liked

  • Great balance of features and value
  • Adjustable breathing on the second stage
  • Works well in cold conditions
  • Lighweight design

What We Disliked

  • Not ideal for twinset or sidemount

Overall Rating:


In Summary

This is an exceptional package from Mares.  It is loaded with features, and will likely fit most of your needs while diving.  From a warm tropical dive to a chilly plunge with a drysuit; the Dual ADJ with 52X will stand up to heavy use.  DFC technology gives it stability when it is under high demand, giving you peace of mind when your gas flow demands are high.

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