What's Next With RAID? How to start your next program.

What's Next With RAID? How to start your next program.

  • Ash Roberts

So What's Next?

Maybe you've just done a try dive, or you've talked to the guys and gals at the DiveLife Shop about doing your next course, or maybe you've already done a RAID Course with us.

1. If you've NOT done A RAID course yet, start with creating your RAID Account:

To start, you'll have to create an account in two simple steps:


Once the account has been created you will have to choose your preferences such as; Country, Program and Dive Centre. (if you use our link above, you will be automatically allocated to Dive Life Manchester, you are free to change of course)

  • Step 1: Go to drop down box and choose your Country (Example: United Kingdom)
  • Step 2: You can either buy your own program directly online, and once you've completed it ask for the practical training, or you can buy it as a bundle from your Dive Centre, they would then allocate you the learning material and load it into your account.
  • Step 3: Choose your Dive Centre (Example: Dive Life Manchester)

1a. Filling in your details

Now that you are logged in and properly registered it's time to put a cool picture of yourself on your profile, RAID is pretty open minded about what is allowed, but hats and sunglasses/masks are not allowed.

The picture you upload will be used for your online certification card, but don’t worry you can change the picture as many times as you like and it will also change the photo on your cert card.

1b. Further details

At this point you'll be asked to agree with 2 liability release documents, please ensure you read them properly and then tick the box stating you agree.

Next on our list, the medical form. This medical form is required to be in date every time a new program is opened on your account. If you get ill between programs, or during a program your Instructor will ask you to resubmit this form. If the form is older than 6 months you will also need to resubmit it. If one or more of the questions is answered with a YES a quick trip to the doctor is in order, your Instructor will give you a paper copy of the form that your GP can fill in. Please hand this form to your Instructor as he/she will have to upload it to the RAID system to allow you to continue with the course.

If you have a condition that would permanently give you a YES on a Medical form you might need it signed by your specialist, in which case give a copy to the Dive Centre or Instructor, and keep an original in your files at home.

1c. Navigating the system

After the dive centre opens the theory (or after you buy a stand alone course online) it will be yours for life, and every time our team updates the manual, yours will be automatically updated too. We want to make sure you have the latest materials and learning techniques in Scuba Diving.

On the right hand side of your RAID Portal there is a Mini Menu containing links such as; Profile, Online Store, Log Book... Your theory will be in My Current Courses.

2. If you've already done a RAID course or have signed up before:

2a. Buying a RAID course

There are 2 options here really, you can either buy your course online, and once you are done contact DiveLife for in water training dates, or you can ask for a training bundle from DiveLife directly, where we will provide the online material, and load it into your account.

Either way, have a look at what's available online, underneath your profile picture click the 'buy course' link.

Then you'll see a list of sub-categories, go ahead and explore what's available, once you go into them you'll see the courses of that category.


Working Inside Your Course

Once you've got a course open, you can navigate to it. GO TO -> My Current Courses


Click on GOTO COURSE on the line of the course you are attending, which will open the Course Page.


Before you attend your pool session you must complete ALL Theory quizzes and final Exam. This will then open up the Confined/Pool and Open Water sections for you and your instructor to work through and sign off.


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