Wreck Diver - Basic or Advanced


We offer 2 types of wreck courses, the Basic Wreck Course and the Advanced Wreck course.

These courses can be run on any configuration, so they are not limited to Single Cylinder Divers, if you want to do this course on your Rebreather you can!

The Basic Wreck Course does not cover penetration of the wreck, whereas the Advanced one does.

We offer the Basic Course, the basic & advanced combo course, or Advanced as an upgrade course.

Who is this for?

This course if for those with an obsession for metal, Rust and all things glorious that need to be explored.

The Basic Wreck course is a great introduction to wreck diving, and very suited for the bigger wrecks for example.

The Advanced wreck course does allow penetration for those wanting to go a bit further with their exploration.

What Will you learn?

The Basic Wreck course is a great introduction to wreck diving, and very suited for the bigger wrecks for example.

You'll learn what to look out for when selecting a wreck to dive, how to stay safe, how to plan your wreck dive and how to look out for potential hazards.

The Advanced wreck course covers line laying, lost line, silt outs, and gas sharing exits from the wreck on top of the skills above.

Pricing & Duration

The Basic Wreck course is a 1 day course, this course is conducted at a local dive site, and we'll practice the basics of wreck diving with the artificially sunk objects. Post graduation we'll invite you on one of our sea trips to explore some real wrecks. 

The Advanced & Basic combo course is a 3 day course and is held at a selection of locations. 

Equipment if required, can be rented at a reduced rate.

Basic Course Price: £175
Advanced Combo Price: £450

How To Get Started?

Drop by at the Learning Centre in Whitefield for a consultation about how to get started, we can schedule you in while you are there and answer all your questions you may have. Alternatively contact the shop via Phone 0330 223 4140 or Email info@divelife.co.uk.

Wanna know more? Ask us to open the online part of the course for you, we'll happily do this without a charge! 

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