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Divers choose to become a RAID Dive Instructor for a variety of reasons. For some, gaining their RAID Instructor qualification is simply about being able to share their passion for diving with others. For many, it's a ticket to dive around the world while being paid to do so. For others, it is about achieving a goal to reach the pinnacle of their chosen activity.

A RAID Instructor certification can open the door to an exciting new career or simply enhance your enjoyment of diving.

What makes RAID the best choice for dive instructor training?

RAID has taken a different approach, and we believe a much better approach, to dive training than other diver training agencies. We believe, and the evidence strongly supports our position, that training standards need to be raised. We believe this begins by making far better instructors. So if you truly want to be the "best of the best" then RAID is the choice for you.

It's not a case of it being a much more difficult path or even a much longer path just in our opinion ensuring you are prepared to take the responsibility of training people to dive safely and be able to work with dive facilities that put the quality of dive training above everything else.

RAID does not believe in going back to the "good old days" when it could take months of training to become a diver but we do believe divers should spend more time perfecting skills in the pool. For example, we believe that something as simple as raising open water training time from just 80 minutes to 120 minutes will make a big difference to diver safety.

Who is this for?

If you've been diving for some time, and want to give back to the industry, you feel that you have something unique to add, then you are in the right place to become an Open Water Instructor.

One of the most rewarding moments in your diving career, when you can share your passion and experience with others.

Already an Instructor?
Why not talk to us about crossover options, crossovers can be done in as little as 2-3 days depending on your current level of experience and performance in the classroom and water.

Minimum Requirements

You have to be a minimum of 18 years old and hold a diving medical not more than 6 months old.

We generally look for people that have been diving for at least a few years, and have build up experience in more than one place (ie not the local quarry)

You need to have completed the RAID Divemaster (or equivalent) course and have a minimum of  100 logged underwater hours (or 300 dives) on Open Circuit.

You need to be a bit of a rock star in the water, with a high degree of confidence and a solid diving skill set, leave the rest up to us.

Pricing & Duration

The Instructor Development Programme (IDP) takes 8 days (10 for non RAID DM's) and is a combination of classroom, pool and open water training. Evenings are generally taken up with homework assignments.

Our IDP package covers 6 specialties (1st Aid Instructor, Oxygen Admin Instructor, Try Dive Instructor, Nitrox Instructor, Deep Instructor and Drysuit Instructor), some of these programmes might be conducted post IE. 

The IDP price is £2500 (£500 for materials/certs & £2000 for tuition and overheads) all pool costs, and gas fills are included in this price.

How To Get Started?

Drop by at the Learning Centre in Whitefield for a consultation about how to get started, we can schedule you in while you are there and answer all your questions you may have. Alternatively contact the shop via Phone 0330 223 4140 or Email

Wanna know more? Ask us to open the online part of the course for you, we'll happily do this without a charge! 

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