Gas Blender & 02 Service Specialty


This course is a two fold course, one part teaches you all about O2 clean and O2 service and how this is important for anything exposed to high pressures of Oxygen. The second part teaches you how to mix gas, different mixing techniques and how to actually blend real Nitrox and Trimix. The course results in gaining a blending certificate that enables you to work as a blender.

Who is this for?

If you are 18 years old or older and certified as a compressor operator as well as hold an equipment service technician certificate you can start this course.

Perhaps you work in a dive centre and want to do some blending, or you want to be able to do your own mixes whilst out on an expedition, maybe you just want to increase your knowledge, either way the RAID Gas Blender course is the perfect choice for you.

What Will you learn?

We'll teach you the concepts behind Oxygen Clean and Oxygen Compatible, how to assess this, and how to take steps in cleaning to achieve that result.

We'll also teach you different blending methods and how to go about them, the common errors and tricks of the trade.

Pricing & Duration

This course is run over a full day, or several evenings, the course price includes the online material, the tuition and the certification. Gas costs are not included. Any mixes made during your course are yours too keep and we'll invoice you for them at a reduced rate.

Course Base Price: £200

How To Get Started?

Drop by at the Learning Centre in Whitefield for a consultation about how to get started, we can schedule you in while you are there and answer all your questions you may have. Alternatively contact the shop via Phone 0330 223 4140 or Email

Wanna know more? Ask us to open the online part of the course for you, we'll happily do this without a charge! 

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