Snorkeling Fins


Fins are an essential part of any scuba diver's equipment. They allow divers to propel themselves forward through the water with ease. 

Fins: There are many different styles of fin, they two main categories include open heel and full foot, the difference is the open heel has to be used with a boot, where the full foot will go directly onto the bare foot. It is worth noting that there is no fin that will do everything. Fins suitable for wet-suits tend to be close to neutral in the water, whereas fins suitable for dry-suits tend to be slightly negative in the water, this also very much depends on your own personal body anatomy. Blade length, composition, and stiffness play another major role in optimum fin selection. If in doubt, contact us for advice or jump in our pool and try out what you think will work for you.

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Mares Avanti Superchannel Full Foot Fins
£36.99 Regular price £45.00
Mares Fins Fluida
£16.99 Regular price £20.00
Mares Manta JR Fin
£12.99 Regular price £16.00
Mares Fins Manta
£16.99 Regular price £20.00
Mares Fins Hermes
£12.99 Regular price £16.00
Mares Fins X-One Junior
£12.99 Regular price £16.00
Mares Fins Fluida Junior
£12.99 Regular price £16.00
Mares Avanti Quattro Power Fins
£78.99 Regular price £95.00
Mares Avanti 4 Power SF Fins
£81.99 Regular price £99.00
Mares Avanti Excel Fins - CLEARANCE
£48.99 Regular price £59.00
Seac Sub - Full Foot Fin - Fuga
£26.99 Regular price £34.00
Mares Plana Avanti Tre Fins
£35.99 Regular price £43.00
Mares Volo Race Fins
£51.99 Regular price £63.00
Mares Fins Clipper
£16.99 Regular price £20.00
Mares Avanti Excel Fins
£48.99 Regular price £59.00

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