Nitrox Analysers


You wouldn't eat something without knowing what it is or at least if it is going to kill you or not. So why breathe an unknown gas? Always analyse!


Nitrox analyses tell you the percentage of oxygen in your gas mixture, 0-100% vital for all divers to confirm their gas before diving. 

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Divesoft SOLO Analyzer
£632.00 Regular price £648.00
Matrix NITROX Sticker
£2.50 Regular price £4.00
Vandagraph Nitrox Analyser MKII
£186.00 Regular price £199.00
Divesoft Analyser Set - BLENDER MAX
£960.00 Regular price £1,055.00
Divesoft FREEDOM - Nitrox Analyser
Regular price £149.95
Divesoft HE/O2 Analyzer
£788.00 Regular price £808.64
Divesoft Analyser Set - BLENDER BASIC
£925.00 Regular price £1,020.00

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